Paul Williamson

My initial background was built around functional fitness and corrective exercise, and while I still draw significantly on this background, over the years I have gradually become more and more influenced by an extensive study and practice of Eastern methodologies such as yoga, meditation, and qigong. I utilize all of these resources to create a well-rounded approach that I call Non-Resistance Training (NRT). Modern exercise tends to be very forceful in nature, which is much harder on the body and usually leads to tension (both physical and mental) and unnecessary wear and tear. NRT is about tuning into your body and moving in more natural, less rigid ways. Nature always follows the path of least resistance, and this is the essence of NRT practice.

3 Mind-Body Fitness Practices That Can Transform You

Learn to harness relaxation within intense activity by focusing on simple cues like keeping your face relaxed. Meditation can help you recover better and expand your fitness limits. Engage your will power with simple incremental goals. Let your mind ruminate on positive words like "strength", before a workout or after meditating.

Maximizing Aesthetics And Wellness Without Compromise

Strength training boosts your metabolism, so make it a part of your fitness routine. When doing strength or cardio, be aware of your breathing and tension level. You can co-exist with the feeling of fatigue during exercise, but pain is your body’s way of saying STOP! Indulge in meditation and long outdoor walks to feel more relaxed.

Best Ways To Burn Fat And Speed Up Your Metabolism Without Cardio

Improve your metabolism by lifting weights, putting on muscle helps burn calories. Include circuit training to your regime, this builds strength, endurance and contribute to muscle size and fat burn equally. Incorporating resistance training to cardio works the best to maximize fat burn and give you lean muscle. It's just harder than simple cardio.

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