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I believe in addressing the root of any health problem through diet, stress reduction, exercise and specific vitamins. minerals, amino acids, herbs and other natural supplements to provide lasting health improvement to my patients.

What Causes Weight Gain During Menopause?

Estrogen levels and insulin sensitivity decline at menopause. The body doesn't respond to insulin like it used to and this in turn reduces the transfer of sugar from the blood stream to tissues. This stagnant sugar requires more insulin to reach the tissues and insulin promotes fat production. This is where the extra pounds kick in.

How Often Should You Do An Estrogen Detox?

An estrogen detox can be performed once a year and is encouraged even for men, as it can reduce the risk of prostate cancer. The typical benefits of enhancing estrogen metabolism are a reduced risk of hormone-related cancers, lighter periods, reductions in fibroids, improved fertility, and clearer skin. Read to know how to carry out an estrogen detox.

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