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I believe in addressing the root of any health problem through diet, stress reduction, exercise and specific vitamins. minerals, amino acids, herbs and other natural supplements to provide lasting health improvement to my patients.

Signs And Symptoms Of First Menstrual Period (Menarche)

First period confusions? Initial clues that your first menstrual period may be coming are to be watched out. The average age for the onset of menstruation is 11-13 years, but menarche can occur anywhere from 9-15 years of age. Late menarche can be due to hormone imbalances due to an underactive thyroid, pituitary problems or polycystic ovarian syndrome. Go on, read more about menarche/first menstrual period to understand its signs and symptoms.

Excess Androgen Is Not The Only Reason You Have PCOS

There are 2 causes other than insulin resistance and excess androgen that is responsible for irregular ovulation and lower estradiol and progesterone levels in 40% women with PCOS. The first is elevated prolactin levels due to stress, pregnancy, or pituitary tumors. The second is an ineffective thyroid gland that disrupts the functioning of all body cells, including ovarian cells.

Natural Alternatives To IVF Treatment If You Have PCOS

Women with PCOS can conceive naturally if the right root cause can be identified. High-androgen types need to control blood sugar and insulin with a low-glycemic-load diet and exercise. High-prolactin types need to reduce stress levels and consume foods rich in Vit B6. Low estrogen types should consume a diet rich in magnesium, zinc, and Vit C, B5, B6 to help restore normal adrenal function.

How Healthy Are Your Blood Sugar Levels?

If missing a meal makes you feel dizzy, if you feel excessive hunger, have difficulty losing weight or gain weight easily, face hormonal issues like acne or irregular periods, feel tired all day, crave for starches, sugar or sweets, are up all night, then your blood sugar levels might be out of balance. Eliminate sugars, carbs and consume a diet rich in fiber and proteins.

3 Foods That You Must Refrain From To Avoid Acne

Acne is a mild immune response to foods that create inflammation. Top 3 foods that cause acne problems: Dairy tops the body's list of food sensitivity foods. Eggs fall under exactly the same category as dairy and cause inflammation that is centered around the skin. High glycemic index starches and sugar provoke high insulin response which can also cause acne.

Hormonal Imbalance: Signs And Symptoms

How would you know if you have a hormone imbalance? Most of the women I see already have an inkling that something is out...

Does Excess Estrogen Cause Fibroids?

There are a couple of prevailing theories as to what causes fibroids. One, that there is too much estrogen which is promoting proliferation of...

Root Cause Of Recurring Vaginal Yeast Infections

Recurring Vaginal Yeast infections are caused due to birth control pills and HRT, pregnancy, Inadequate progesterone production, Disordered glucose metabolism and diabetes, A weakened immune system, Use of vaginal hygiene products, such as douches and bubble bath that alter the vaginal pH, Iron Deficiency Anemia and Anti-fungal resistance.

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