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Let's work out together! 300+ FREE, full-length home exercise videos. Get fit with low impact cardio, strength training, HIIT, indoor running workouts and more. Pahla B is a fitness trainer, endurance runner, and busy mom, specializing in efficient full body home workouts with little to no equipment. These workouts are designed to help you burn fat and get in shape in a short amount of time.

What Hill Climbing Teaches You About Life And Perseverance

Deciding to lose weight is like deciding to run up a hill. Looks easy at first, but it’s when you begin working toward it - diet, exercise, adaptations - that you realize the “steepness” of the task ahead. With perseverance it'll get easier. If not literally, you'll grow mentally and physically stronger. Persist and it is just a matter of time before your body starts taking the shape you want.

Strength Training And Speedwork To Get Faster And Stronger

Strength Training, Speedwork To Get Faster And Stronger

Training For A Marathon? Try This Indoor Run And Core Building Workout

Here's a challenging set of exercises that combine running and walking along with strength exercises. Focused on building cardio endurance that are clubbed with very short intervals of isometric stability holds. A word of caution these will get tough as the heart rate increases.

Strengthen Your Upper Back With Resistance Bands

Strengthen Your Upper Back With Resistance Bands

How to Stretch And Warm Up For Running Workouts?

How to Stretch And Warm Up For Running Workouts?

How To Do A Low-Impact Cardio Warm Up?

How To Do A Low Impact Cardio Warm Up?

The REAL Benefit of a Good Warm Up (It’s Probably Not What You Think)

Most of us hate warm-ups. But here are some key benefits that will help change your mind. A warm up loosens stiff, cold muscles and gets your joints, tendons and ligaments ready for load-bearing. It gradually brings up your heart rate and helps prevent injuries and muscle soreness, later. And most importantly a warm up prepares you mentally to kickstart you workout.

Overcoming “I Can’t”

Recognize and acknowledge fear, but don't use that as an excuse. Don't be afraid of failure, learn to take the positives from the process. Decide which changes are worth your while. Stop looking at the whole staircase and focus on the step ahead of you. Don't procrastinate but commit and take action. Rest assured that making changes won’t truly change you.

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