Nikki Golly

Think about popping out of bed in the morning, feeling well rested and full of natural energy. Up without the need to stumble to the coffee maker to drink a few cups before anyone even tries to talk to you. Enjoying a quicker metabolism and healthy elimination that won’t need everyone to evacuate the house after. Having energy to excel at work and still have liveliness to have fun after. But most of all looking in the mirror and being happy with what is reflected back at you. This is what its like to be healthy and happy, if this sounds good to you then contact me so we can make a plan to get you there. 'Diets' are often boring, involve crazy tactics, and never work for long term but a change in lifestyle though knowledge is fun and long lasting.

For Better Health, Resist Monoculture

Farmers grow a specific fruit/veggie variety, that can remain fresh and not ripen or rot before reaching the market. This leads to monoculture which affects growth of certain species or leads to extinction of others. Different species provide diverse and critical nutrients and helps in the evolution of our brain and balances the ecosystem that is dependent on this species.

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