Michelle Matthews

I’m Michelle Matthews, wellness warrior and liberator for fellow freedom seekers, ready to access their unique key that unlocks the door to effortless weight loss and boundless energy without crazy deprivation diets or spending all day at the gym. As a Health Coach, I have a unique way of approaching health and wellness. I will not give you a diet plan and wish you well. My job involves looking at all the different areas of your life, in addition to the food on your plate, to help create the plan that will bring YOU success.

10 Useful Tips And Herbs To Boost Your Immunity

Stay hydrated throughout the day, get at least 7-9 hrs of sleep, indulge in neti pot exercises, make sure you sweat a bit everyday, it releases toxins. Reduce your daily sugar intake, consume ginger tea regularly, include herbs like echinacea, Andrographis Paniculata and garlic in your diet. Consuming probiotics can also help boost immunity.

Dance Your Way To Weight Loss

Dancing as an aerobic workout can burn major calories and help you achieve a toned flexible body. Zumba, Barre class, Yoga dance, Dance video games are all good options. Wear comfortable clothes, select music that is between 100-112 beats and make a 30-40 dance workout routine 4-5 days/week. Enjoy this fun way to melt stubborn fat and stay trim.

Quick Mini Meditation Techniques For Good Health

Meditating can help you get better quality sleep, show more kindness towards others, and reduce inflammation. Here are a series of mini-meditations you can call on throughout your day when you’re feeling frazzled and need to find your center. Start off with greeting the day by setting an intention, next commute with your consciousness and let go, practice midday mindfulness and discipline and show yourself compassion before bedtime.

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