Michelle Drains

Dr. Drains is Naturopathic physician, Classical Homeopath and Botanist who utilizes homeopathy, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, dietary modifications and nutritional supplementation to guide her patients back to health. In addition to running her own practice, "Riverbirch Holistic Health", she teaches classes on natural therapies, writes articles and speaks at public events. Dr. Drains believes strongly in the healing power of nature and the innate ability of the human organism to heal itself. She is dedicated to creating long-lasting connections with her patients and consistently guides them on their journey to optimal health--- empowering her patients with knowledge and skills, so that they can make healthy choices and maintain their health both now and in the future.

Prevent And Fight Common Cold And Flu Naturally

Drink water equal to 2/3rd your body weight in ounces daily. Practice Hydrotherapy to relieve congestion, reduce fever, increase white blood cells and enhance sleep. For warming sock treatment, soak feet in hot water for 10-15 mins, dry feet, soak cotton socks in cold water and wring out, put these on, cover with thick wool socks, go to bed and leave it on overnight.

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