Michelle Dillon

As a Naturopathic Family Doctor, Dr. Michelle is trained as a primary care physician, but has a different philosophy when it comes to treatment. Instead of just giving a medication for a certain ailment, Dr. Michelle’s goal is to find the cause of that problem. She can see anyone as young as a few weeks old to those that are almost a century old. Once Dr. Michelle finds what is causing the symptoms, the body is then supported with natural nutrition, supplements, homeopathy, or herbal medicines to help the body heal itself. As a Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Michelle emphasizes prevention and the support of the body’s natural defenses for optimal health.

Eat Less Of These Foods For Reducing Allergies Naturally

Natural Food Solutions To Allergies Can you believe the pollen is here? Are your eyes burning and itchy? Does your nose itch? Sneezing ? Why?? The madness! Histamine is the...

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