Michelle Bernard

Michelle Bernard, MS Ed is a Holistic Fitness & Personal Growth Muse, blogger, mama to 12 paws, spiritual lion, and clay jewellery sculptor. She is the creator of digital programs :: the my beLOvedBODy fat-loss programs and the AiM creative visualization program. Her new book on healthy habits will be available on Amazon in the spring 2015!

4 Ways To Advance Steadily Toward Your Goals

Set a goal for each of these areas of your life: personal growth, health, money flow, relationships, spirituality and charity. Write 2 small action steps to fulfill your goals. Set up daily rituals to enact your goals with dedication, like going to the gym 3 days/week. Express gratitude and reflect on what you learned about yourself, your courage and your confidence.

Tips To Strengthen & Save Your Knees From Minor Pain

To avoid pain don’t run or jump, instead use an elliptical trainer, ride a bicycle, strength train with a professional instructor and opt for a low-impact aerobics class. Basic yoga classes offer balancing poses and core-building exercises that strengthen the whole body. Use a foam roller to perform stretching exercises and wear soft comfortable shoes.

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