Michael Ellner

I am a Medical Hypnotist and Wellness Coach. I am the lead author of a peer-reviewed paper on hypnosis and self-care and a co-author of HOPE is Realistic - A Physician’s Guide to Helping Patients Take Suffering Out of Pain.

Effective Self Care Tips To Take The Suffering Out Of Pain

Pain affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease, and cancer combined! Practising self-care techniques like mindfulness and self-hypnosis can help relax, de-stress and focus attention away from the discomfort. This helps as our brain factors in stress levels and our emotional state when generating subjective pain that we are experiencing.

Mind-Body Approaches That Can Take Suffering Out of Pain

“Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional”. Self-hypnosis and mindfulness can help people reduce or eliminate all types of suffering. The many factors that impact the way a person experiences pain include stress, anticipation, arousal, deeply held beliefs, intentions and expectations. A session of strong meditation can help overcome this. Swipe left for more.

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