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Happy Living is a journey — an incredible adventure filled with triumph, defeat, mystery, and magic. We pursue happy living every day and gather inspiration along the way. We share ideas & products for living with health, abundance, and compassion. Matt Gersper is the Founder of Happy Living and Board Director - Fluoresentric. He is constantly cultivating healthy, happy days. Matt lives on Lake Norman in Mooresville, NC, is a father of four, and married to the love of his life. Kaileen Elise is the President of Happy Living. She lives in Austin, TX, gathers inspiration, and writes to-do lists. Kaileen is a former collegiate swimmer and was a corporate recruiter for 6 years. She believes in being healthy, happy, and dreaming big!

Magnificence And My Philosophy On Spirituality

Spirituality is realizing my inner spirit is my direct connection to the greater magnificence of everything, the Universe, the Almighty. My spiritual practice is to recognize head-based thoughts and actions, and then replace them with heart-based ones. When I do this, energy, ease, joy, and grace flows into my life. Michael A. Singer’s The Untethered Soul helped me understand why the heart-based way fuels happiness and spiritual connection. I then experience magnificence in human form.

Feeding The Spirit With Big Life Memories

Spirituality is learning to detect the differences between energy and ideas created by my mind and those generated deep within my awareness. Could it be that experiences and big life memories nurture your inner spirit and feed the good wolf, while material things simply feed the bad wolf and ego of my mind? Here's how adventure, priceless moments and memories, magical places are your big life memories that connect to the spirit.

How To Avoid Inflammation For Better Nutrition

Inflammation is a common condition that is always overlooked. Avoiding inflammation can improve body functioning, drastically reduce stomach bloating, improve digestion and make you feel a lot better in general. Sources of inflammation include wheat, beer, grains, added sugars and processed oils. Substitute these with fish, eggs, full fat dairy and nuts. Apart from diet regular exercise can help fight inflammation of any kind.

Monthly Cleanse: Personal Results And Benefits

Consider these two contradictory statements: “The need to cleanse is vital in today’s dangerously toxic world.1” “Anyone who says, ‘I have a detox treatment’ is profiting...

5 Vital Facts About Vitamin D

I was recently invited to participate in a Vitamin D Challenge, which helped me realize that I didn't know much about the importance of...

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