Marlise Karlin

Marlise Karlin is an internationally renowned thought leader who has been interviewed on NBC and Fox News, and shared the stage with other visionaries including Gregg Braden, Panache Desai, and Dr. Eric Pearl. The emotional and physical trauma of her past, and the illnesses it caused, ignited her search to discover new solutions. Converging 25 years of study in Eastern holistic traditions and modern science, including Epigenetics and Neuroplasticity, Marlise developed The Simplicity of Stillness®, SOS Method. Over a decade of case studies has evidenced highly effective benefits for people on 6 continents. Marlise shares these inspiring stories as well as SOS Tools and Technology in her books, The Simplicity of Stillness Method and The Power of Peace in You. http://www.theSOSmethod.com

How You Can Get The Benefits Of Meditation?

Meditation improves our mental abilities, strengthens our immune function, and helps us become more empathic. The SOS method is a comprehensive mindfulness technique that incorporates the latest scientific discoveries. Simplicity of Stillness (SOS) method activates the natural healing potential in the mind and body which helps to diminish the lasting effects of trauma. Meditation reduces stress, illness, depression, and anxiety. Meditation improves relationships and self-esteem and increases creativity.

How Meditation Can Re-ignite Vitality, Longevity, And Passion For Life

In our culture, aging is seen as something to be feared. Growing older leads to decay and decrepitude — or so we’re led to...

How To De-Stress This Holiday Season

The holiday season is here, and this special time of year can bring excitement and joy, and also lay the groundwork for some serious anxiety and stress.

Sleep Deprivation Affects Your Work, Home, And Health!

Sleep deprivation has profound consequences on your physical and mental health, thus affecting your daily routine. Here is a natural cure to restful sleep.

Mindful Awareness Redefined – Keep It Simple Silly

With so much noise and clutter in our lives, how could you lead a happy, meaningful, and balanced life? What should you do? Read on to find out.

Workplace Stress – Inevitable Or Avoidable?

Global competition and technological growth insensitively justify the unfair expectations employers have from employees. Office-goers are forced to work past office hours and cut back on their leisure time. The associated stress snowballs into absenteeism and slackened productivity. Businesses must take steps, like introducing meditation, to improve individual and company well-being.

Ways To Reverse The Impact Of Stress On Premature Aging

Telomeres (protective caps at the ends of our chromosomes that indicate biological age) can be replenished by an enzyme called telomerase. The body’s supply of telomerase is decreased by exposure to chronic stress and cortisol. Any aerobic exercise or meditation helps reduce stress by creating new connections in the brain. Include fruits and vegetables in your diet and get adequate sleep.

Is Epigenetics The Way To Changing Our Genetic Destiny?

If you've acquired a disease due to a life experience, your kids could also. Epigenetics is the study of this phenomenon, where the environment and experiences can alter gene expression without altering the genetic make-up. Transmission of epigenetic memories across generations depends on certain gene-regulating RNAs. Practise meditation for good effect on gene expression.

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