Marina Lando

For as long as I can remember, I have been passionate about making people well. The first person who introduced me to natural healing was my grandma. I was about seven. She would take me to a forest or a meadow and show me what to collect, how to find plants, how they smelled and felt, and how to use them. Our cupboard always smelled of dried flowers, and Linden tea is still my first choice for fever. When I had any pain she would put her hand over me and I remember the heat of her hands soothing away the discomfort. Nobody called it Reiki, Medical Qi Gong or any other exotic name. I just knew that my grandma was Magic and I wanted to be like her. I started my healing practice in 2007 and expanded into the full service healing center Harmony Life (HarmonyLifeCary.com) in 2011

When To Use Reiki Therapy And When To Avoid It

Reiki can successfully assist with any condition that is caused by emotions. It is advisable to opt for reiki if you are experiencing high levels of stress, an emotional trauma, unexplained symptoms or if you are recovering after a surgery. Reiki is not suitable for broken bones, whiplash, hypothermia, or diseases that require immediate surgery or are caused by unfit lifestyles.

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