Lindsey Gemme

Lindsey Gemme is a certified life coach and holistic nutritionist with a passion for women’s health and wellness, and helping women to build the confidence it takes to reach their full potential. She empowers women to learn and develop skills for: - Overcoming self-imposed obstacles (low confidence/insecurities) - Clarification of personal purpose/desires - Stress reduction - Time management - Goal setting - Nutritional wellness Her work is both education and inspiration: She works side-by-side with her clients in establishing a momentum and enthusiasm on their forward journey toward personal fulfillment. Clients who work with Lindsey develop self-management skills that will benefit them throughout their lifetime.

Are You Following Your Own Dream Or Someone Else’s?

If working to fulfill a dream stresses you, filling you with a fear of failure, it is not your dream! If you "need" to fulfill it, not "want" to, it has not risen from your emotional desires. As another's vision for you, it does not meet your needs. And as you judge your worth based on others' approval, you lose the happiness and self-worth your own dream would have brought.

Think Fast If You Want To Really Lose Weight

Fasting allows your body to rest and keep the blood flow from being interrupted and flooding to the gut every time you eat. Fasting does help weight loss, but you cannot fast your way out of bad habits. In addition to fasting, maintaining a lifestyle which also includes an exercise program, and eating a more healthful diet is very important for maximum benefits.

Sensible Tips To Avoid A Heat Stroke This Summer

The excessive summer heat can have fatal consequences. Always wear sunscreen and sun reflective clothing while outdoors. Hydration is key. Drink 3-4 liters daily. Eat smaller meals more frequently throughout to keep up energy levels. Avoid protein. Ensure the safety of kids in cars. The inside of a car gets twice as hot and is unsafe for both young and old.

4 Must Knows About Supplement Safety

Natural supplements can sometimes be misleading as they may contain potent poisons if not taken in right dosages. Next, more isn't always better. High supplement doses can lead to toxicity. Dietary supplements are not up to safety standards as pharmaceutical drugs. Also, certain supplements can have dire interactions with over the counter drugs.

Unveil Your True Passions With A Vision Board

Childhood is the best place your thoughts can re visit when you feel stuck in your life, unable to discover your true passions. List out the top things that excited you as a child and find out how much you still want them. Evaluate time and effort you are willing to put in for realizing those dreams and aspirations you had as a kid. Create a vision board as a reminder.

Homemade Cleaners To Avoid Contamination Of Your Home

According to healthychildren.org did you know that every year over half of the 2.4 million people who either swallow or come into contact with poisons are...

Do You Really Know Your Vitamin C?

We are all well aware of Vitamin C. We run to the drug store for copious amounts of it, especially when cold season starts...

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