Linda Hall

Linda Hall combines down-to-earth pragmatism with insight and sensitivity, her contemporary approach to meditation focuses on body/mind awareness and stress management techniques and does not align itself with any particular belief system or religion. Linda draws on modern psychology and well-established practices such as mindfulness, as well as more body centred forms of meditation. She presents meditation skills as a set of practical, life-enhancing tools for reducing stress that anyone can easily incorporate into everyday life to support their health and well-being. A practitioner and teacher of great warmth and integrity, Linda has a genuine enthusiasm about the power we all naturally possess to bring about positive personal change in our lives.

Why Trees Are Popular In Guided Visualization Meditation

Since our very existence, trees have given us shelter, firewood, and food necessary for our very survival. Apart from its grandeur and majestic appearance, trees connect reality with aspiration - its grounded roots with the infinite skies. We identify with this intrinsic duality and can experience calm by mimicking it through a guided visualization meditation - Root to Crown chakra.

Building Positive Affirmations And Self Acceptance

Write down all the self-critical things you habitually say to yourself and try understanding and eliminate them. To build self-acceptance, you need to talk to yourself in an encouraging and reassuring way, use affirmation audios for self-empowering, appreciate yourself, be mindful, learn to express your emotions and feelings appropriately.

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