Lily Sloane

I'm here because therapy has changed my life. I’ve tried everything from being "good", to performing onstage for applause , to songwriting, to science, to spirituality, to difficult relationships, to food and body obsession, and finally to therapy (and the journey is never complete). Since 2009, I've worked with a diverse range of adults, couples, families, groups, and children in counseling centers, a hospital, and a public school. Now I see clients in private practice while working for an intensive outpatient eating disorder treatment program. In addition, I write regularly for Psyched Magazine and am occasionally published elsewhere in internet land. I am also President Elect for the San Francisco Chapter of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists.

Exercise And The Inner Critic

When we’re used to hating ourselves, the inner critic becomes wrapped in our identity. Seeing aspects of the critic outside of ourselves can help us realize how out of line it is. The stories whispered by your critic becomes your truth. Instead of motivating, the critic drags your down. Externalize this critic with a friend and you can see how harsh you were with yourself.

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