Leslie Carrington

In the midst of working as psychotherapist and social worker, Leslie founded HolistiCitiLyfe, a wellness travel and holistic lifestyle event company that helps groups and individuals rejuvenate and restore balance in beautiful and safe retreat locations all over the world. Balancing the Mind, the Body and the Spirit is what HolistiCitiLyfe Inc. is all about. We promote wellness travel and other healthy lifestyle practices that will not only change your outlook on life, but the way you relate to the world around you.

6 Steps To Embrace And Adapt To Change

Familiarize yourself with impermanence as Buddhist monks do - make and destroy your version of mandalas. Curb your expectations and go with the flow. Recognize and appreciate the balance in nature and believe that you are part of the wonderful equilibrium. Believe everything happens for a reason and that you are well-equipped to tackle it. Practice meditation to handle stress.

Nourish Your Mind And Spirit – Meditation For Healing

Starting your day with a short, easy meditation session can bolster your attitude. Don't rush to reach somewhere but search for beauty in things you see and hear as you travel. Express inner gratitude for sacrifices made by others to feed and nourish your spirit. Recall reasons why you love your dear ones and tell them you love them at every moment possible.

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