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Kim O'Meara is co-founder of the UK's largest dog adoption site, dogsblog.com & is the features editor for K9 Magazine, a lifestyle magazine for modern dog owners. As the owner of three dogs and a cat, she spends her days finding the answers to questions she and other pet owners want the answers to. A strong believer in dog adoption, she co-founded the dog adoption site, dogsblog.com in 2007 which helps more than 500 animal rescues and has helped (to date) more than 43,000 dogs to find new forever homes.

5 Ways You Can Make Moving Easier For Your Dog

When you are moving to a new location, it is not just you who have to adjust to the new place but also you precious campanion which is your dog. They need more time to get well adjusted to their new surrounding than you. They need to be well aware of the smells, their territory not to mention the other dogs in the area. This is exactly the reason you must make all the necessary arrangements to ensure your dog gets well adjusted to the new environment. While travelling it is good to stop on the way and take breaks, getting some old stuff from your house and placing them in your new home will make your dog feel at home straight away, stressing out will only increase your dog's agitation so relax, letting your dog do its routine and keeping him safe in the new place.

7 Ways To Rescue Your Dog From Summer Heat

Your dog knows nothing but to love you, so it would be the most courteous thing for you to show some of that love back by keeping her cool in the summer. They are intelligent and will naturally go to cooler places when the temperature goes up. But there are some ways which you can implement into your dog's life to make it easier for her. Put her in a cool room, installing some water sprinklers would help, take her for a morning walk, give her some frozen delights, know your dog's ways and routine, take her groomers regularly, do not under any circumstance leave your dog in your car.

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