Kimberly Lackey

Kimberly Lackey is the Founder of EMPATH Coaching and an Integrative Health Coach. She works with individuals and families through coaching, nutritional counseling, motivational speaking and more to build healthier, happier lifestyles.

6 Tips For Working Professionals To Stay Healthy

For a lot of people, the pursuit of staying healthy - both mentally and physically while juggling a work life balance seems like an...

3 Easy Recipes With Nut Milk

Strawberry Dream: Blend 1c macadamia nuts, 4c water, 1c pitted dates, 1/2t vanilla extract, 1c strawberries, honey to taste until smooth. Green Almonds: Blend 1.5c soaked almonds, 1c pitted dates, 1/4c chia seeds, 1T maca powder, 1T spirulina, 2c water, honey to taste until smooth. Refrigerate any leftovers in mason jars and use within a span of 1-2 days.

Must-Try Popcorn Recipes Packed With Antioxidants

Years ago I discovered I was allergic to corn. I was in my 20’s and corn chips and salsa were a common snack among...

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