Kimberly Burnham

I specialize in brain health coaching helping people maximize brain and nervous system function despite disease, injury, or chronic pain. I have a PhD in Integrative Medicine and work with hands-on therapies and health coaching helping people improve brain function, decrease chronic pain and recover quality of life. Clients I have helped include people with Parkinson's disease (the focus of my PhD dissertation), Diabetic neuropathy, Multiple Sclerosis, Huntington's disease, genetic disorders, autism, macular degeneration, and vision related issues. I am adept at finding the mind-body connections so that the person's physical nervous system functions better and they have a brighter outlook on their own future and healing. I am comfortable working with other health-care professionals.

Music, Vibration And The Human Connection

Sound waves of different frequencies create a different, often beautiful pattern. A community that engages with sound: music, singing, or drumming together, comes together on a cellular level. Their minds resonate in a similar way which is unique to that community, to their music and songs. Physical movements associated with production and hearing of music supports brain healing.

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