Khabir Southwick

Khabir Southwick is a professional health consultant, Ayurvedic and Naturopathic practitioner, whole-foods nutritionist, master herbalist and formulator, public speaker on natural self-care and author of numerous natural health-care programs.

Natural Remedies For Erectile Dysfunction

Some common causes of Erectile Dysfunction are inadequate flow of blood to the penis, low testosterone levels and problems with nervous system. Natural remedies for this include Siberian Ginseng - improves stamina, Smilax Ornata - restores potency levels, Glycorrhiza Glabra, Turnaria Aphrodisiaca and Kola Vera is another performance stimulant.

The 10 Most Common Health Related New Year Resolutions & How to Achieve Them

We can learn from the past, but the hope of a better tomorrow is what drives us forward in life. Most of us become...

Anti Obesity Day: Herbs for Weight Loss

A few herbs help improve metabolism and suppress hunger. They are: Gallium aperine - clears toxins, Garcinia cambogia - natural appetite suppressant and a weight loss supplement, Taraxacum officinalis - stimulates the digestive system and liver, Curcuma Longa - stimulated the flow of bile by breaking down dietary fat.

Preventing And Recovering From Common Cold And Flu

Common Cold and Flu: Natural Remedies That Will Work In the United States up to 20% of the population is currently affected by the flu...

Activate Fat-Burning Hormones In Just 4 Steps

You can activate your fat-burning hormones and help with your weight loss program. The routine is quite simple. Restrict all of your sugar intake, have a regulated healthy diet including lot of vegetables with beans, and workout. Try to eat less with proper eating schedule. You can start off with low-intensity light-weight training or fast on juices to help burn the unwanted fat faster.

5 Important Yoga Poses To Strengthen Lower Back

According to leading Yoga experts around the world, there are five yoga postures that should regularly be practiced by both men and women who...

Is Your Liver Toxic?

Why a colon cleanse is necessary first Before you consider maximizing your liver function, be sure to cleanse your colon first. Why? A major function...

All You Need To Know About Kidney Care

Kidney Care UNLESS you are extremely conscious of your liquid intake and measure how much water and tea you are drinking, you may not be...

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