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Lemon, Ginger, And Honey Elixir Recipes To Ward Off Cold

Does weather change make you worry about catching a cold? Don't let the frustration take over! Sip on elixirs made of ginger, lemon, and honey to ward off cold, boost your immune system, and relieve a sore throat. These 3 ingredients have several health benefits and can be used with other spices to make delicious home remedies for the common cold.

7 Interesting Facts About Poop You Must Know

Ever wondered why your poop sinks or floats? Do you feel that you more poop more on your period but don't know why? Did you know that poop is transplanted from donors to patients? There are several insights about this smelly but important excretion from your body you may want to take a look. Knowing about your poop will help keep your health in check.

5 Things That Stop You From Achieving Your Health Goals

Is something holding you back from going to the gym, following a diet, and reaching your fitness goals? Several factors like lack of motivation, unrealistic goals, monotonous fitness routine, and strict eating rules can be at play, stopping you from reaching your potential. To stay fit without a struggle, take up these few steps and form an exercise routine and diet that are prefect for you.

How You Can Eat Healthy On The Go

On busy days you may either end up skipping meals or eating all the unhealthy foods at hand. However, you must eat healthily when on the go, to keep your energy levels high and prevent cravings throughout the day. Eating plenty of protein, drinking plenty of water, and preping meals in advance can help you eat healthily. Eating small portions can increase satiety. Avoid skipping breakfast as it can lower your energy levels and slow down your metabolism.

Live A Stress-Free Life With This Mindful Movement

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese mind-body practice. The benefits can change the way you handle stress, and ultimately, help you regain control of life. You’ll feel much calmer thanks to the controlled breathing techniques. It’ll also improve the gut-brain axis and help qi, your life energy, move more freely. And as Tai Chi lowers the stress hormone cortisol, your body will get a better handle on inflammation, immunity, and chronic pain.

7 Ways To Clean Up Your Eating Habits

The thought of dieting is overwhelming, so try focusing on "cleaning up” the way you eat. Replace refined carbs with whole grains when possible. Hold the added salt and limit processed foods, which make up 75 percent of your sodium intake. Fill half your meal with a rainbow of fruits and veggies. Drink more water and eat less red meat, as each serving increases the risk of chronic disease. Always eat breakfast to avoid overeating later on.

Benefits Of Fermented Food And How To Buy Them

Fermenting food lets good bacteria grow, resulting in a gut-healthy probiotic that’s tangy and delicious. These beneficial microbes support intestinal balance and therefore supports immunity, digestion, and mental and emotional health. As a preservation method, fermentation will also help you save money. If you’re making fermented food, choose the produce in season and sanitize the jars. Always store in the refrigerator so bacteria can survive.

Love Chocolate? Make A Healthy Choice With These 7 Tips

To get the most out of chocolate, learn how to pick the right kind. Look for minimal ingredients that list cocoa or cacao first. Experts recommend eating dark chocolate that’s 72 percent cocoa or higher. Watch out for allergen and high-fructose corn syrup, or any of its variations. For optimal benefits, buy organic and fair-trade. Choose quality over quality! A small bar of dark chocolate is better than a large bag of milk chocolate.

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