Kelly Strogen

My whole goal is to teach people how to eat for their specific body, so that they never have to go on a “diet” to manage their weight or health condition. I emphasize the importance of whole foods, and recommend my clients follow a mostly plant-based diet for optimal health. Of course, I try to be realistic and do let my clients know they can indulge once in a while whether it is alcohol, a cheeseburger, or chocolate. The goal is 90%of the time you eat healthy and allow yourself 10% “wiggle-room”. Food should be enjoyable, but should not be all you think about all day. If you are eating properly for your body, you will learn to listen to your body for hunger cues and never feel the urge to binge or overeat due to deprivation.

5 Tips For Hosting A Healthy Weekend Party

Offer a healthy sidedish like a green salad. Baked beans are a healthier alternative to meat. Have a cheese sandwich instead of a cheese burger. Check portion size and calorie intake. Limit alcohol intake. Drink light beers and a glass of water in between each drink. For your next party, include whole wheat buns, grilled chicken or lean turkey burgers, and salads on your party spread.

Boost Your Fat Burning Process

If you're looking to burn fat, try exercising first thing in the morning without eating. In grad school I did a lot of research on...

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