Kathryn Merrow

As a long-time neuromuscular massage therapist, I specialize in pain relief. Not “pain management,” but pain relief. Sometimes, the best the medical community can do is help you “manage” your pain. But, sometimes there are other options. Pain always happens for a reason. If we (you and I) can get to the root cause of your pain, you can have pain relief. Sometimes there are a lot of layers to peel away for complete pain freedom, but I will do my best to help you, one layer at a time. And I love sharing! That's why I also do online trainings and lead transformational retreats--to help people understand how their bodies work and how to feel better! Please join me and feel better!

How To Walk To Create Wellness

When your arms and legs barely move while walking, you know that you have movement dysfunction. Don’t fall prey to slouching. Lift your breast bone, swing legs freely from hips, walk with head raised high, and point foot forward. A correct posture takes strain off your back muscles and relieves you of the head, neck, and shoulder pain.

10 Quick Healthy Snacks That Will Boost Your Energy

What's the first thumb-rule when it comes to sticking to a healthy-eating plan? Don't get bored. Learn how to mix-and-match food elements to quickly whip up some delicious healthy snacks that promise to keep your energy levels high and your calorie count low!

8 Benefits Of Walking Outdoors In Natural Surroundings

Is it more beneficial to walk outdoors than indoors? Will walking outside enhance your health and well-being? The answer is yes, it is and...

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