Kathryn Merrow

As a long-time neuromuscular massage therapist, I specialize in pain relief. Not “pain management,” but pain relief. Sometimes, the best the medical community can do is help you “manage” your pain. But, sometimes there are other options. Pain always happens for a reason. If we (you and I) can get to the root cause of your pain, you can have pain relief. Sometimes there are a lot of layers to peel away for complete pain freedom, but I will do my best to help you, one layer at a time. And I love sharing! That's why I also do online trainings and lead transformational retreats--to help people understand how their bodies work and how to feel better! Please join me and feel better!

3 Comforts Of Touch For Hospice People

Touching someone gives them reassurance, peace and a sense of belonging, especially when they are on the verge of death. It gives a feeling of belonging and that human connection that is very important near death. It helps them to get through their misery in a much more easier way than how it actually is. It helps them to relax, feel some happiness and also if given a massage soothes their senses. You can approach them while they are sleeping with gentle petting, and some light massages. Using oils for massages will also help. It is also good to make them feel good with touching them or massaging them thoughtfully, gently, rhythmically and lightly.

3 Reasons Your Head Aches And Natural Ways To Cure It

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3 Reasons You Are Unhappy And How To Fix It

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Overcoming The Sitting Disease (And We All Have It)

Almost all of us follow a lifestyle that involves a lot of sitting. For example, we sit while commuting to work (to and from), working in the office, and having meals. Because of sitting for longer hours, we tend to develop something called as sitting disease. In this, our muscles stiffen and we "feel stuck". To overcome this, walk, ride a bike, swim or walk through the water, climb small inclines, go to a gym, and lift your leg and arms while in bed, stretch while at your desk, take a moving break while at work. All these will strengthen your muscles.

The Benefits Of Having A Strong Back That Will Last Forever

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What You Should Know When Selecting A Massage Therapist

Find a licensed therapist because he/she will have professional training and memberships. Interview the therapist in person to get clarity on how he/she would treat you and to see his/her working environment. When you meet with him/her, clearly specify where you are hurting. Also, communicate any discomfort and if the treatment is working for you. Any pain after a massage is because your muscles have become tender. An experienced therapist will know the causes of most problems.

Why And How To Stretch In The Right Directions

Stretch the muscles in the front of your body (not the back) because they are the ones causing postural problems and straining your back. Lie down on the edge of your bed and drop your arm toward the floor; then, move your hand from your feet to over your head slowly. Similarly, allow your heel to drop slowly toward the floor and stretch. While lying down, squeeze your shoulder blades toward your spine, away from your ears, twice.

How To Breathe For Relaxation

You'll feel refreshed when you use your body to breathe thoughtfully. Assess your breathing and use full breath, breathe with your belly, breathe with your lower chest, breathe with your upper chest, breathe sideways, and breathe in a criss-cross way. These different ways of breathing increase your concentration and knock all the stressful thoughts out of your mind, thus relaxing you completely.

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