Kami McBride

Kami McBride is the author of The Herbal Kitchen. For 25 years she has been teaching people to use herbs in their daily lives for health and wellness. Kami helps you to de-mystify the world of herbal medicine, and is fanatic about motivating people to use herbs in their gardening, cooking, skin care, stress reduction and caring for children’s home ailments. She lives with her husband and 9 year old son in northern California and loves helping people learn how to use herbs in the home setting.

What Is Your Medication Story?

Here are a few steps you can take to bring more information to the table when considering taking a prescription or OTC medication.

3 Easy To Grow Culinary Herbs

Gardening tips to get started - Garlic Chives: This anti-microbial herb likes full sun, moderate watering and a well-drained soil (any type). Oregano: It does well in full sun/partial shade and dry, well-drained soil. Do a deep watering once every week or two. Peppermint: It likes rich soil and some sun, but in hot climates, make sure it gets some afternoon shade.

Summer-Garden Pesto For Nutrition And Medication

Pesto is a great addition for almost any food. What's more it can be custom-made to suit the season too. Let's learn about many health benefits of Pesto?

How To Make Tasty And Healthy Ginger Ale At Home

Squeeze out a fist size piece of fresh ginger into a cup of ginger juice. In a jar, add this freshly made ginger juice along with a cup of honey and 4 drops of liquid stevia. Shake the jar until the ingredients are mixed well together. Pour a glass of carbonated water and begin by adding a healthy splash of the ginger honey mixture. Garnish with lemon or peppermint.

Herbal Oils To Have In Your First-Aid Home Remedy Toolkit

Home remedies and herbal oils go hand-in-hand. Infuse dried herbs into a carrier oil and use for multiple benefits. The soothing effect of lavender oil leaves you re-energized. Mugwort oil amplifies the effects of other oils used with it, improves blood circulation, relieves spasms, and eases menstrual cramps. Calendula oil heals irritated skin and smoothens cracked, dry skin.

5 Natural Remedies To Fight Back Spring Allergies

Up your water intake - it will reduce your body's urge to generate more mucous. To strengthen your immune system, nourish your gut with beneficial bacteria from fermented foods like kimchi, whey, kefir, yogurt. Reduce exposure to chemicals - this will free up your liver to provide a better response to inflammation. Elderflower tea and nasal saline rinse can help relieve allergic symptoms.

Beat Winter Niggles With Healing Sage Tea

Bring 1 quart of water, with 4 tbps of dried sage, to a boil in a lidded pot. Turn off the heat and let it sit for an hour. Use a metal strainer with a fine mesh to strain out the sage leaves. Re-heat the tea. At the onset of cold, drink 2-3 cups of tea a day for a week. Add 3 quarts of tea into your bath water or inhale the steam to drive away coughs, colds or a runny nose.

Corn Silk Tea That Treats Urinary Tract Infections

Boil 2 cups of water and 2 tbs of fresh or dried corn silk in a pot with lid on. As soon as it boils, simmer for 10 mins. Turn off the heat and let the silk soak in water for 30 mins. Strain the mix, drink at room temperature or re-heat it and consume. Corn silk is anti-inflammatory and soothes the inner lining of the uterus to prevent and treat UTI.

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