Julie Lusk

Julie Lusk, MEd, E-RYT 500, focuses on opening, balancing, and strengthening the body-mind-spirit connection through yoga, meditation, transformative relaxation, and guided imagery based on more than 30 years of experience. She is an internationally published author whose books include Yoga Nidra for Complete Relaxation and Stress Relief, and Yoga Meditations: Timeless Mind-Body Practices for Awakening. Julie is president of Wholesome Resources. The retreats, trainings, and seminars she presents are relaxing, reflective and revitalizing. She is talented in bringing the best out in others through her depth of knowledge, natural lightheartedness, and caring nature.

Is Yoga Nidra A Solution To Good Sleep?

Sleep is very vital to everyone. Experts say we need at least 8 hours of sleep without disturbance. This is often difficult to achieve. The practice of yoga nidra (yogic sleep) can be used at bedtime as a sleep aid. It clears stress out to help you go to sleep and stay peacefully asleep. Please keep in mind that true yoga nidra happens when you’re completely relaxed and in a deeply meditative state while remaining alert and aware.

Yoga Nidra For Changing Behavior and Healing

Yoga nidra is very beneficial because it removes fatigue and invigorates the body. It can also help you make positive changes in your personality and lifestyle by using a sankalpa, a personal resolve, during yoga nidra. This is because your bodymind is more receptive to change due to the brain wave states that happen during yoga nidra.

How Does Yoga Nidra Work

Yoga nidra or yogic sleep focuses on experiencing complete relaxation and a deeply meditative state. A yoga practice that emphasizes physical postures and breath-work is never complete without it. Follow the 7 stages of yoga nidra and get uplifted consciousness. You will feel restored, relaxed, and your energy will be replenished, even exhilarated. One hour of yoga nidra practice can help you get calm mind and healthy body.

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