Joanna Carmichael

My desire to create a place of beauty, healing and transformation where people can come to experience a variety of modalities in Alternative Medicine resulted from an intention that began before I left the pharmaceutical research industry permanently in 2008 after a 20-year career. I have been practicing in the nursing field for over 30 years and my background includes psychiatric nursing prior to doing pharmaceutical research. During that time, simultaneous studies in Holistic Health, Metaphysics, Divinity, Past Life Regression, Yoga, Meditation, and Ayurveda have given me a well-rounded perspective on health and healing and its intimate relationship to spirituality. Founder & CEO of the Kalyana Centre in Narberth, PA

Meditation: Find Source Of Inspiration For Lasting Change

Sit in a comfortable position, first thing in the morning and concentrate on your breath. Your concentration may drift but that's normal, it will cease as you practice more often. Focus on your breath and gradually you will realize what your mind really wants. This will help shun contrary thoughts, focus on your true goals and bring about self-awareness.

From Pharma To Dharma – Getting Back To Nature

Make lifestyle choices that respect Nature's innate intelligence so that when imbalance occurs, it is quickly corrected and does not develop into a full-blown medical condition. Take the time to get back to nature by observing the imbalance and looking towards nature for a solution – a food or nutrient, a practice like yoga or meditation, an herb, or even a prayer.

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