Joan E Mullinax

Joan E. Mullinax has a lifetime of experience supporting people in building the lives they seek and in overcoming life’s challenges. She relishes working with clients who are committed to the quality of their own lives. She has a unique ability to see people’s strengths, even when they cannot. She is patient and encouraging with clients who are seeking to move beyond their current circumstances or limitations, and is able to gently point to possible opportunities for growth. Joan offers both life coaching and career counseling services and is especially gifted at working with people going through a major transition in their life.

Self-Care Tips For Surviving Cancer Positively

Allow your emotions to flow from pen to paper. Don't hold back. Rewrite your story with optimism. You may ask a doctor for help to deal with your situation. Confide in family, friends, or the members of a support group – whoever lends a patient, understanding ear. Look for the silver lining and realize the gift of the present, of living today. No one said it is easy, but believe that you can move past it.

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