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I believe that yoga and exercise are for everyone and understand that every person is unique. I am passionate about helping people discover the amazing benefits of yoga, exercise and healthy eating and I enjoy sharing the experience with them. For me, yoga is more than just asanas on the mat, I try to live my practice daily.

6 Simple Ways To Begin Your Journey To Meditation Practice

Pick a peaceful place and find a time that works best for you. Choose a desirable posture. Start the practice with a small amount of time to establish a long lasting practice. Remain focused in spite of distractions. Be present, centered and concentrated in the moment. The objective of meditation, is not to have thoughts, but to reduce mental chatter.

Restorative Yoga Practice To Relieve Chronic Arthritis Pain

Yoga for arthritis pain relief doesn't necessarily have to be pain staking. It can be tailored for different joints and doesn't have to be the hard ones. Yoga helps to create heat in the joints through deliberate breathing and movement, which eases chronic arthritis pain. Poses like padmasana, Vajrasan, Paschimottasana and pawanmuktasana do help a lot.

4 Essential Yoga Tips For Beginners

Frequency with which you work on positions is as important as length of practice sessions. Let go of your ego and forget about impressing your teacher and classmates. Physical depths of your poses are not nearly as important as how deep you delve spiritually into yourself. Find a knowledgeable, compassionate teacher who respects you as a person.

Inversions In Yoga Boost Blood Circulation, Reduce Stress

Whеn thе body іѕ upside down, thе heart pumps blood vigorously whісh leads tо increase in oxygen supply tо thе brain and proper blood circulation tо аll parts оf thе body. Thіѕ helps іn treatment аnd prevention оf diseases like varicose veins and flushes out lactic acid from the system to reduce the chance and intensity of cramps and pain.

Yoga As A Natural Remedy For Migraines

Tadasana stretches the body, improves focus and increases body balance. Warrior pose improves blood circulation and functioning. Half moon pose improves muscle and joint mobility and tones shoulder and arm muscles. Tree pose improves overall body balance and relaxes muscles and joints. Triangle pose stretches key body organs improving mobility.

Is Yoga More Effective In The Morning Or Evening?

Early morning is a spiritually charged time of the day in Vedic tradition. Sun salutations, camel pose and bridge pose are apt to stretch and strengthen core. Yoga before bed can be relaxing and contributes to restful sleep. Include breathing in positions like Child's pose and soothing surrender postures like half pigeon and seated forward fold in evenings.

Yoga For Kids: Manage Obesity And Improve Concentration

Yoga triggers kids to move, stay healthy and tackle obesity. It helps them control stress, stay relaxed and have a better approach to real life problems. Controlling breathing is a way in which they learn how to focus. It helps them improve their attention span. It helps children to stay relaxed, calm and patient through tough days.

The Significance Of Namaste In Yoga Practice

In Yoga, Namaste is Anjali mudra. It means complete surrender/devotion to the divine spark in another. This mudra connects the spoken Namaste to action that brings both hands together over the heart, joining the right and left hemispheres of the brain, completing the unification of yin and yang and centering the self in the light-filled core of yoga practice.

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