Jenny Fowler

Healthy eating has been important to Jenny throughout her life, carrying on what she learned from her parents who entered the health food industry when whole wheat bread was an anomaly. Jenny works as a nutrition consultant and wellness educator throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and complements her private client practice with fun and educational workshops. She provides clients with practical information that helps instill confidence in choosing foods that work for them as individuals, allowing clients to transition to conscious eating that becomes an enjoyable, easy-to-maintain lifestyle.

Importance Of Good Bacteria In Your Food

Probiotics are good bacteria found in food that populate your digestive system. Because the nutrients that build and support your body are assimilated and absorbed in your digestive system, probiotics provide a wide range of benefits throughout your body. Some of the ways to incorporate probiotics in your diet are Raw sauerkraut or other fermented vegetables, Kombucha, Organic tempeh, Kimchi, Organic miso paste, Unflavored kefir and Plain whole milk yogurt .

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