Jan White

Jan White specializes in holistic counseling of issues relating to anxiety, trauma, depression, relationships, loss, unresolved core issues, life direction, spiritual emergence, and chronic illness.

Change Your Life By Changing Your Attitude

Our reality—that reflects our beliefs and attitudes, gained via experiences or upbringing—alters as our attitude changes. We get back from the world only what we give out. So to get what we want, our intent must be focused and our attitude aligned with our goal. Why not treat failures as stepping stones rather than the end of the road? This positive attitude is the key to attaining success.

Fear: Are You Its Master Or Victim?

Fear of the unknown leaves us snuggling in our comfort zones. Ancestral voices warn us against change. We must quieten them. “What if” fears are unreal. They present us as victims, but we can choose to overpower them. Comprehend the cause for your pessimism. Recognize if your fear involves tangible danger or is another “what if.” Find ways to placate your inner scared child.

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