Jane Hendricks NMD

Dr. Jane grew up in a natural environment in Kansas, where her mother treated Dr. Jane and her twin with herbal remedies whenever they were sick. As a result, she grew up believing the body has the ability and intelligence to heal itself. However, certain lifestyle practices are necessary to make this happen, such as clean eating, a healthy mind, movement, and water.

Reasons Your Treatment For Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis And Hypothyroidism Isn’t Working

Hypothyroidism is caused by a deficiency in T3 hormone. Usually this leads to high TSH levels, which is often the sole basis for diagnosis. However, TSH can be normal despite low T3. The standard treatment - T4 hormone supplements - will not work for those whose cells have trouble converting T4 to T3. Such patients tend to get misdiagnosed and treated for fatigue, depression, obesity, etc. without success.

How To Get Through Flu Season Unscathed

Build immunity through regular exercise, proper hydration and a balanced nutritious diet, and avoid using antibacterial soaps. If you do catch it, skip exercise routines for a while, sleep and rest more, eat easy-to-digest foods like fruit juices and get a vitamin C IV. Herbal treatments like Goldenseal and Echinacea are powerful in curbing aggravated symptoms of flu.

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