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For over 20 years, James has been helping individuals from all walks of life create measurable results in their physiques and performance. His on-going mission in life is to help individuals achieve a fit and healthy body, perform at their highest levels, and achieve a greater sense of energy and well-being.

Absolute Guide To Choosing Right Supplements For Fitness

Foundation supplements include vitamins, minerals, fish oils, and probiotics. If you’re deficient in any of these, then your body will fight to maintain optimal health. They are recommended for everyone. Performance supplements are for unique and specific situations. These include creatine, BCAAs, pre-workout and post-workout formulas.

3 Supersets To Build The Best Muscular Toned Arms

Start with 5 reps of chin ups or underhand pulldowns and floor press or closegrip bench press. Next, move to midrange arm movements like barbell curls and lying extensions. For high-rep isolation work, try stretch options like incline dumbbell curls and overhead rope extensions. Practice contraction exercises like spider curls and push downs. Do 3 sets each.

Powerful Workout Tips For Toned Triceps

Make sure you try different positions of flexion, this will increase muscle growth in several angles and give your triceps great shape. Try to pre-fatigue your muscle by doing muscle isolation exercises like the overhead extension or push down. This will help concentrate on only the triceps. And always make a mind-muscle connection; boosts muscle growth.

Lifestyle Changes For Healthier You

Embrace simple, small changes, they will add up to big lifestyle improvements. Change for the good and be ready to push through as it's not easy. Take it positively and don't give up. Replace snacks with organic food, limit desserts and control intake. Reduce TV watching, indulge in outdoor games, exercise and stretch regularly.

8 Simple Nutrition Tips For Weight Loss

Wish you could speed up your rate of fat loss? Tired of seeing so-so progress but feeling like you’re doing everything possible to reach...

Should You Eat Before Cardio Training?

This depends on the type of cardio, duration of the exercise, at what time you're exercising and your primary goal. To fuel yourself well, eat some fruits or simple proteins 30-90 mins before cardio. Cardio late in the day doesn't require food as you will use body fat to fuel through. Eat depending on if you want to burn fat or gain muscle.

4 Ways To Tell That Your Workouts Are Stale

Four pointers that indicate you need a change in your workout routine. 1) Slow Progress - No evident changes even with dedicated effort. 2) Skipping workouts - Due to low motivation and less challenging routines. 3) Lack of focus - Not keyed when you are working out. 4) Completing soon - Finishing earlier than when you started, increase intensity and challenge in workouts.

Nutrition: The Secret Behind A Great Body

To have a healthy and fit physique, nutritional intake is as important as exercising. Successfully controlling your diet and being consistent with food intake can have long-term benefits and help reduce fat in the body. Eating just right every 2-3 hours improves metabolism and boosts nutrition absorption.

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