Dr. Holly Fourchalk

Dr Holly practiced as a psychologist for over 20 years utilizing a variety of tools from EMDR – OEI – hypnotherapy, etc and then incorporated into her practice: Dr of Natural Medicine; PhD Nutrition; MA Herbal Medicine; REBA & ASYRA homeopathy; reflexology, laser; etc. As such she is truly a holistic practitioner. She not only works with cutting edge science but teaches around the world. In addition, she has published 11 books with three more in process.

Insomnia: foods & herbs that can eliminate the problem

Insomnia – the inability to get good healthy deep sleep…is a common issue.  Statistics indicate that 1/5 of American adults and over 1/2 of...

What should your blood pressure really be?

For years, we were told that a good blood pressure was 120/80. In recent years, the pharmaceutical companies re-vamped the standard and set it...

10 Basic rules for optimal health

How many rules are there to live by? Are they overwhelming? Or do we simply abide by them? For instance, do you see stopping...

Cholesterol Syndrome: Myths and Facts

Alternative medicine has taught for years, that cholesterol is the fireman at the fire – but cholesterol DOES NOT cause the fire.   Alternative medicine...

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