11 Science-Backed Health Benefits Of Black Pepper For The Body And Mind

Be it giving a dish a slight tang or completely spicing it up, black pepper can be used with any type of cuisine. But...

8 Home Remedies To Treat Prickly Heat Naturally

When the weather turns hot and humid, prickly heat may become a nightmare for you. Excessive sweating is the reason behind these heat rashes. In fact, many things in your kitchen help you fight the prickly sensation. Oatmeal, cucumber, and cornstarch are a few things that can relieve you from the swelling, itching, and blisters, that come with prickly heat.

7 Serious Side Effects Of Eating Too Many Almonds

If you eat more than a handful of almonds every day, it could lead to some serious side effects. Your blood clotting mechanism could get impaired and you could be at an increased risk of haemorrhagic stroke. Excess almond consumption could also cause weight gain, constipation, and even kidney stones. Vitamin E toxicity is also a possibility.

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