Greg Wirth

Several years ago I was diagnosed with high cholesterol according to Western medicine guidelines. Since then I've embarked on a quest to uncover the true causes of heart disease. I'm so passionate about better heart health I wrote a book about it. What I've discovered is cholesterol levels, are not really the problem. Although I'm not a doctor, my experiences may provide insight into your own heart health issues. What helped me safely stay off statin drugs, may help you.

How Is C-Reactive Protein Related to Heart Disease

Inflammation results when excess bad cholesterol (LDL), makes its way into the bloodstream through the arterial wall. Once LDL is there, the inflammatory response is triggered and cholesterol accumulates on the arterial wall leading to arterial blockage and hence a heart attack. During this process, C-reactive protein is released. This discovery has led to a change in protocols related to heart disease screening and testing. The 2002 study found women with elevated C-reactive protein levels were more than twice as likely to suffer a heart attack as women with low levels.

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