Greg Steiner, D.C.

My philosophy has long been to help patients achieve their optimal health & healing through natural therapies including proper diet & exercise. I want not only to help my patients feel great and pain free, but to educate them so they can continue their success. Earlier years were spent practicing abroad in Scotland, S. America, Europe, Africa, India and Australia. I have 4 children who have grown up with acupuncture & chiropractic and love it! Hobbies include natural body-building and martial arts.

Stretching Keeps Your Body Young And Healthy

Stretching helps muscles become flexible and ensures blood circulation so that your body doesn't become stiff. Children are able to mold into any position due to their muscle flexibility, but adults require more energy as their muscles are tight. So include stretches in your daily life to feel younger, healthier, ensure blood circulation and keep yourself flexible.

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