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9 Health Benefits Of The Bridge Pose (Setu Bandhasana)

Forming a bride-like structure by arching your back off the ground and shifting your body weight to your shoulders and feet can benefit you in many ways. Improved blood circulation, toned glutes and hamstrings, a healthy spine, and stimulated lungs and thyroid gland are some of the obvious benefits. Like all yoga asanas, the bridge pose too helps you feel stress free.

12 Foods You Can Eat Past Their Best Before Dates

Foods you can eat past their best before dates include staples like bread, milk, and eggs. Foods that are extremely sweet like honey and jams, those that have been salted like sauerkraut and kimchi, or dehydrated like dry pasta can also be eaten past their predicted expiry dates. Hard cheeses and butter also make it to the list. Extend a food’s expiry date within reason.

The Only Child Syndrome: Do Siblings Hinder Creativity?

A Chinese study suggests that the presence of siblings possibly does hinder creativity in a child but also enhances agreeableness. Differences in creativity and compliance between only children and those with siblings can be traced back to differences in brain structures responsible for these qualities. The size of our families, thus, do influence our brain’s architecture.

6 Natural Ways To Outsmart Healthy Sperms

Outsmart your sperm naturally by gaining a sound understanding of your menstrual cycle. Based on records of how long your cycle usually lasts, the changes in color and texture of your vaginal discharge, and spikes in basal body temperature, you will be able to gauge when you are most likely to ovulate. Avoid sex a week before and a couple of days after your ovulation day.

Vitamin D And Vitamin K: Friends Or Foes?

Too much vitamin D in your body can increase blood calcium, a trigger for arterial clotting and subsequent heart disease. Vitamin K can work antagonistically to this process, drawing calcium away from blood vessels and toward bones, where it should be. However, considering the widespread occurrence of vitamin D deficiencies, this may not be an immediate concern.

9 Diet Tips To Improve Gut Bacteria

Gut bacteria determine not only your digestive health but your overall immunity as well. Eating a variety of foods, mostly plant-based, fiber-rich, and naturally fermented can help foster the growth of a range of good bacteria. The more diverse your microbiome, the greater will be your health benefits. Refraining from red meat and artificial sweeteners can help discourage disease-causing bacteria in the body.

Never Follow These 8 Fad Diets!

Only a well-balanced diet can help us lose weight. While some diets focus on nutrients like proteins that are good for us, they may often disregard the importance of other nutrients. Paleo diets eliminating essential food groups and raw food diets prohibiting cooking can deprive us of nutrients or prevent their absorption. Diets centered on one food item alone should also be avoided.

Are Tomato Cravings Because Of Nutrient Deficiencies?

Tomato cravings or tomatophagia has been liked to iron-deficiency anemia. While anecdotal evidence further links it to other nutrient deficits like vtamins A, C, and E and potassium deficiencies, there is no scientific proof. Moreover, research suggests that food cravings are more likely to be psychological than physical. Tomato cravings may implicate a texture-flavor craving more than anything else.

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