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Placebo Sleep: Believe You Are Well Rested To Perform Well

By telling yourself you’re well rested, you can bypass the negative effects of poor quality sleep. This is the effect of placebo sleep, sleep that you didn’t really have but believe you did. By doing this whenever you have late nights or are unable to sleep well, you can maintain your A-game the next day by drawing energy from placebo sleep.

7 Convenient Ways To Practice Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation involves becoming aware of your body, breath, and thoughts. It does not aim to change you or your situation, but to make you notice every detail non-judgmentally. It helps you experience life in mundane routines. Mindless meditation while walking through a busy street, taking a break at work, lighting a candle, and eating a simple meal will help you find new meaning.

5 Orgasm Disorders That You Should Be Aware Of

Some people never have orgasms, some have them more often than they’d like to, while others have painful orgasms. Even sneezing or getting a headache before or during an orgasm are actual phenomenons. Disrupted nerve signals, abnormalities in the pelvic muscles, and imbalanced hormones play a huge part in the type, intensity, and frequency of your orgasms. Mental stress too has an impact.

6 Side Effects Of Hibiscus Tea To Bear In Mind

Hibiscus tea or the traditional Chinese rose tea is often recommended for high blood pressure and high cholesterol. While it may serve diabetics and those susceptible to heart disease well, it may also have side effects. Interference in fertility and pregnancy, harmful interactions with other medications, and a feeling of being intoxicated are some of the prominent side effects.

Is It Okay To Skip Brushing Your Teeth At Night?

A few species of oral bacteria can work against your oral health by producing acids. These acids leach minerals out from your tooth enamel. The most important step in oral hygiene is to brush your teeth about half an hour after dinner every day. This will protect your teeth from plaque buildup and consequential caries and gum disease.

5 Reasons Why Weird Dreams Are A Wake-up Call

About 65% of our dreams are sad or stirring. But they’re not completely random. Our lifestyle can determine the nature of our dreams. For instance, taking melatonin pills to sleep or stopping antidepressant medications can result in very vivid, bizarre, or weird dreams. It is also no secret that scary movies and anxiety and stress can have a similar effect.

10 Must-Knows About Vaginal Thrush

It is a common misconception that vaginal thrush is a bacterial infection when it is actually a fungal infection. It is not sexually transmitted and is common in pregnant women. Thrush infections of the past do not increase your risk for future recurrences. Diabetics and those on high sugar diets may be more susceptible to an infection. Avoid wearing tight underwear.

9 Ways Lemon Peel Tea Can Benefit Your Body

Lemon peel tea is a rich source of polyphenols, antioxidants that can strengthen your immunity and encourage weight loss. It also contains pectin that helps lower cholesterol and protect you from heart and liver disease. What’s more is that it can also lower blood pressure and reduce acne-associated inflammation. Drink 2 cups of fresh lemon peel tea a day to reap its benefits.

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