Gaurang Chandarana

Gaurang is the Founder of wellzee.com and is a certified Yoga teacher, dietitian, Counselor, Soft Skills trainer and Six Sigma Black Belt. He has had a long association with The Yoga Institute, Santacruz as a teacher & Kaivalyadham as a practitioner. He has taught, trained or counseled a few thousand individuals in the areas of disease management, health, lifestyle, stress and rehabilitation. In a previous avatar he had a long career in the Banking & Finance Sectors post his MBA.

Does Yoga And Meditation Improve Your Brain Power?

We all seek different ways to improve our brain power and professional success. Students want to do well at academics, businessmen and professionals want...

Health Benefits Of Meditation With Meditative Postures

To extract the most out of meditation sync the body with the mind in the right meditative posture. This can aid in posture correction, improved digestion, improves neuro muscular stability, improves breathing capacity, reduces blood pressure, beneficial effects on blood pressure and improves sexual and reproductive functions.

Types Of Stress And Ways To De-stress

The world is getting more frenzied by the day. All people are made in different ways and they get impacted with varying intensities. All...

Why Should You Practice Savasana?

There is an increasing level of mind related activities these days like work, multi-tasking, running a family, taking care of kids, internet, social media...

Spending On Fitness: Is It Required?

There is an explosion of fitness, world over at least in terms of products and services and awareness building. Being a ‘money heavy’ industry,...

How Toxic Are Disposable Plastic Bottles?

Plastic is a petroleum product, therefore it is extremely toxic. Toxins from plastic keep getting released all the time and mixing with our food and drink in a slow and steady process. Plastic which gets absorbed by the body is also carcinogenic in nature. Plastic and petroleum based toxins are compounded when plastic is exposed to heat. Even slightly higher temperatures cause plastic to become more toxic. Problems plastic can cause are: impairing the lungs and their functioning, hardening and clogging of the arteries and blood vessels, damage the skin.

Sit Correctly And Avoid Heart Problems

There are various reasons for cardiac problems these days, irrespective of the age, gender, genetic predispositions, etc. Sitting position greatly impacts the heart health, and the most common way of sitting with legs down is detrimental to heart. The solution is to sit on the floor, or with the legs up on the couch. Sitting with crossed-legs also helps.

Flat Stomach And Abdominal Exercise

Common Myths: Gain ‘core strength’ through abdominal exercises and doing multiple crunches or leg raises with cardiovascular exercises. Taking a rod or dumbbells and twisting or doing side bends reduce waist fat. Body fat does not reduce by doing abdominal exercises but it reduces by an appropriate diet and exercise plan.

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