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Gaurang is the Founder of wellzee.com and is a certified Yoga teacher, dietitian, Counselor, Soft Skills trainer and Six Sigma Black Belt. He has had a long association with The Yoga Institute, Santacruz as a teacher & Kaivalyadham as a practitioner. He has taught, trained or counseled a few thousand individuals in the areas of disease management, health, lifestyle, stress and rehabilitation. In a previous avatar he had a long career in the Banking & Finance Sectors post his MBA.

Types Of Stress And Easy Ways To Detect Them

The symptoms of noticeable stress are immediately visible and subside sooner (like anger, conflict). But, the symptoms of creeping stress may not be obvious. Some signs of stress are sensations, physical discomfort, cognitive feelings, physical aspects like fatigue, change in eating patterns and behavior, withdrawal at work and interpersonal relationships.

Are Your Eating Habits Causing Stress?

When you eat at the wrong time, consume unhealthy food too often, overeat, eat without chewing or while talking, you load your digestive system. Gradually, the body perceives this as stress. A lot of extra chemicals and hormones are released to manage the unwanted food. Eat simple and nutritious food in the right manner to avoid stress.

When To Eat To Become Healthy and Fit?

Eat only enough to make you feel hungry in 3 to 4 hrs. as it takes 2 to 3 hrs for digestion and absorption of food. When you eat four times a day, the body does not go into ‘starvation’ mode. Eat before 9 AM every morning within a short while of waking up. Have lunch around 12 to 1 PM. Have a healthy snack at around 3 to 4 PM. Have light supper or dinner around 7 to 8 PM.

How Much Should You Eat To Lose Weight

Some guidelines according to Ayurveda are: do not eat till your full, only 50% of your meal should be solid, 25% liquid and 25% empty, reduce food intake with reduced physical activity, consume liquids, fruits and salads, during summer substitute food with more liquids, eat junk food slowly and silently, eat only so much that satisfies your hunger.

Fast Weight Loss Diet Plan To Shed Those Pounds Quickly And Naturally

Keep in mind the following and you will automatically slip into a weight loss diet. Eat limited and avoid water in between or 45 mins after meals. Reduce solids and include more liquids like dal, sambar and buttermilk. Avoid tea, coffee, alcohol and having a meal after 8pm. Try these out and see the difference.

Pranayama To Strengthen Breathing

Pranayama is a integral part of yoga and has several versions. Some of the basic types include Abdominal, Intercostal and Clavicular breathing. These practices should be practiced under supervision or only if you have an experience of over a year. They have several benefits when done on a daily basis, some of which include improvement in the respiratory, circulatory, digestive systems and increases brain function.

Eat Your Way To Weight Loss And Health

What and when we eat decides the digestion is to follow but more crucial is 'how' we eat. If you eat the right way, it could lead to better absorption, metabolism and eventually, weight loss. Keeping in mind to chew food properly, avoid water during meals, sitting with your legs crossed and taking short strolls post meals can effectively improve digestion, metabolism and health. Give the how some importance and see the difference.

How To Sit Correctly To Avoid Heart Problems?

There are various reasons for cardiac problems these days, irrespective of the age, gender, genetic predispositions, etc. Sitting position greatly impacts the heart health, and the most common way of sitting with legs down is detrimental to heart. The solution is to sit on the floor, or with the legs up on the couch. Sitting with crossed-legs also helps.

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