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Gaurang is the Founder of wellzee.com and is a certified Yoga teacher, dietitian, Counselor, Soft Skills trainer and Six Sigma Black Belt. He has had a long association with The Yoga Institute, Santacruz as a teacher & Kaivalyadham as a practitioner. He has taught, trained or counseled a few thousand individuals in the areas of disease management, health, lifestyle, stress and rehabilitation. In a previous avatar he had a long career in the Banking & Finance Sectors post his MBA.

Spine Health Tips And Asanas To Maintain Peak Fitness

Moderate weight bearing activities, regular stretching, correct postures while standing, walking and sitting, regular walking, good diet and nutrition can help maintain a healthy spine. Yoga stretches like upward stretch, side bends, forward bends, backward bends and Inversions can help maintain spine health. Practice asanas under supervision and practice regularly.

Safe And Esssential Yoga Practices During Pregnancy

Physical condition and mental make-up of mother, postpartum depression and stress related to not knowing pre and post pregnancy care are pregnancy associated challenges. Meditative and stress management asanas relieve anxiety and distress to a great extent. This can also prevent high blood sugar, acid reflux and sciatica during the pregnancy cycle.

Body Postures And Fitness Connection

Incorrect postures directly affect the back, spine, neck and heart. Which are vital for one's overall fitness, the back supports the whole body, the neck helps balance and the heart circulates blood. Sit cross legged with your legs on a high level, this benefits the heart and boosts digestion. Lift objects from the knees, avoid bending your back forward.

Identify Your Personality Type

Our personality is based on 3 Gunas: Rajas (the quality which defines action), Tamas (gives form to objects and things, whether animate or inanimate) and Satva (balancing factor which does not allow either Rajas or Tamas or both, to hold sway.) The variations in these gunas are what define our personality.

Choosing The Type Of Yoga That Best Suits You

Some of the more popular or heard of types of Yoga: Ashtang, Hatha, Kriya, Tantra, Japa, and Mantra Yoga. The Yoga Sutras has put forward Ashtanga Yoga as the most appropriate for all individuals. Hatha Yoga has a much stronger emphasis on the physical practices to prepare for meditation. Similarly, other yoga have different purposes.

Asanas – A Small Step To Yoga

Asanas are the third step in Ashtanga Yoga as given in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Asanas make the body healthy, provide strength, trains the restless mind and builds body awareness. Asanas provide are a complete form of exercise and include cardiovascular, weight bearing, stretching, strengthening, anaerobic and aerobic exercises.

You Can’t Meditate, It Happens

The true meaning of meditation can only be achieved over a period of time, when you learn to come in peace with 'conflict' in life. Reducing thought process, sitting in a quite space alone, being comfortable, wearing loose and light apparel and facing eat while meditating can increase its effect and help achieve the true meaning of meditation.

Yogasanas: The Best Exercise Practice And Here’s Why

Asanas work at a cellular and organ level. They are therapeutic and change your metabolism. They cover all body movements; The spinal cord is stretched in 6 different ways without causing strain; No wear and tear of bones or muscles; They preserve bone density; Breathing is slower; Relaxing mentally and physically; Blood is purified and toxins are removed.

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