Gail Grossman

A meditator from the age of 10, Gail didn’t discover yoga until years later as an adult. Who knew that this glimpse of peace and self-knowledge would echo so powerfully later in her life! Discovering yoga as an adult was a life altering love affair. Gail just can’t keep her good fortunes to herself. When she discovered yoga, she immediately knew she had to share it with others. Gail opened Om Sweet Om Yoga in 2004, which has been a dream come true, as she has been able to bring this practice to so many wonderful people, both young and old(er). Her students describe her as very nurturing teacher who can quietly touch every muscle in their physical and emotional body, which leaves them feeling relaxed, grounded and happy. Gail is also the author of Restorative Yoga for Life.

3 Warming Yoga Poses For Winter

Here are three yoga poses that will not only give you healthy blood flow but also keep you warm during winter. Simple poses like cat/cow pose, sun salutation, and boat pose need to be practiced. Let these yoga poses help you with good health through winter. Keep practicing to keep the internal heat of your body high.

5 Fun Fall Yoga Poses To Do With Your Kids

Fall is a season of transformation and also a great time to do yoga outside. Not to mention, the immense fun you will have doing it along with your kids! Follow these 5 simple and fun yoga poses that will create a deep interpersonal connection with your kids.

Treating Throat Issues With Yoga

Throat issues are extremely common, usually infectious, and tricky to deal with. Take up this simple yoga practice to help heal the throat sooner.

Restorative Yoga Poses For Women In Menopause

Women face multiple emotional and physical changes before and during menopause. Here is how yoga can help reduce the side effects and manage the changes.

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