Fabrizio Fusco

I'm a guide to help you unleash the greatness within you, to help you reclaim your self-confidence in order to live a vibrant, healthy and spiritual life. I'm a coach, a naturopath, a healer, a philosopher, a helper, a motivator, a ladder, an elevator through which I can lift you higher. I set the direction. I want to transform you. I want to enrich your life. I believe in you, I encourage you to do more, to be more. It takes only one person to change how you perceive the world and this person is yourself. So I challenge you: be a world changer, be a leader.

Grow From Mistakes, Stop Beating Yourself Up!

It's easy to let yourself up over poor choices and minor mistakes. Instead of trying to fight against something that's been done, it's easy to feel bad about it. Stop self-criticizing and blaming yourself, don't lose self-confidence and get trapped in a negative spiral. It’s not what happens that determines the quality of your life. It's the way you react to change that matters.

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Keys To Success: Perseverance And Delayed Gratification

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Effects Of Junk Food And Healing The Body With Nutrition

Good food is essential for a healthy body. Eating junk can create an environment for parasites to develop and cause many illnesses and therefore, an unhealthy body. However, if you detox your body clearly, avoid unhealthy food, consume food that promotes health, and take natural supplements, it can help you have a healthy and a happy life.

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