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Evlin Symon is a freelance health writer. She has published numerous articles on the topic of health, fitness and beauty. She enjoys being in outdoors and exploring new opportunities. When she is not writing she can usually be found reading a good book.

7 Tips To Improve Your Skincare Regimen

Use wrinkle creams that work on the neck and chest. Use products as per your specific skin type. Do not over apply creams as they can clog pores. Use makeup remover instead of cleansing wipes. Apply sunscreen even in non-summer months. Apply products in the right sequence with products with thinner consistency applied before creamier ones.

Unearthing The Secrets Of Healthy Snacking

Avoid sugary snacks and refined carbs as these hinder weight loss and damage skin. Ensure a healthy, protein rich breakfast and stay well hydrated to reduce hunger pangs. Whole fruits and vegetables are ideal snack options to stay healthy. Munch on protein rich seeds and nuts, they help burn fat. Stay hydrated, this reduces hunger cravings.

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