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7 Ways To Feel Slim All Day Long

Everyone wants to feel good all day, every day. Do it with simple lifestyle changes. To re-energize, go for a short walk. Stretch it out and get the blood flowing. Ditch large and heavy meals for smaller portions to feel energetic. Snack on fruits and drink green tea, both of which are packed with nutrients. Drink water constantly to feel great. Avoid too much caffeine, which can make you feel sluggish.

5 Things To Remember If You Suffer From Depression

Societal pressure to be "strong" and "happy" might make depression difficult to deal with. But, it is important to remember that you are not alone. Don't be too harsh on yourself, and take a break whenever needed. Be self-aware and understand what triggers the symptoms of depression. Reach out to a loved one or a professional. Don't be afraid to seek help. Exercise, medication, psychotherapy, and support groups are known to help fight depression.

4 Sneaky Signs Of Bladder Cancer That Most Women Ignore

Bladder cancer is caused when cells in the urinary bladder grow rapidly. These cells could form a tumor and spread to other parts of the body. Women often mistake signs of bladder cancer for menstruation, menopause, or UTI. Pain and blood during urination are common symptoms and might need a urinalysis. Recurring urinary tract infection, muscle and bone pain, and weakness are also symptoms of cancer. Early diagnosis can effectively treat bladder cancer.

9 Foods To Avoid On A Low Tyramine Diet

If you suffer from migraines, consider adopting a low-tyramine diet. Tyramine and histamine are two common triggers. Foods to avoid include smoked and processed meats, along with anything that’s fermented or pickled. This includes miso, teriyaki, kimchi, and some alcohols like beer and ale. Aged cheese, such as brie and cheddar, are also restricted. Stay away from fava beans and dried fruits. Nut products should be avoided, so always check labels.

5 Ways To Add Healthy Fats To Your Diet

Contrary to popular belief, not all fats are bad. Rather, monounsaturated fats (MUFA) and polyunsaturated fats (PUFA) reduce the risk of heart disease, control weight gain, lower cholesterol, and fight cancer. Of these, the omega-3 PUFAs must be sourced from food like nuts, flax seeds and chia seeds, and fatty fish like salmon. Eat avocados for the MUFAs. Cook with unrefined vegetable oils like olive oil and soybean oil.

Here’s What You Need To Know About Endometriosis

About 10 percent of women have endometriosis. It develops when endometrial tissue grows outside of the womb, causing extreme pain during periods. Many women mistake it for cramps, so diagnosis is often delayed. A high intake of alcohol and caffeine can increase the risk of endometriosis. It is also linked to a greater risk of skin cancer, autoimmune disease, allergies, heart disease, and ovarian cancer. Studies have shown that acupuncture is an effective way of managing pain.

How Chocolate Can Enhance Brain Function

Chocolate is teeming with plant chemicals called flavonoids, which protect neurons, promote survival, and boost regeneration. Flavonoids also protect the brain from injury, which is often seen in neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. They also help short-term memory and improve blood flow to the brain! To enjoy chocolate in a healthy way, add it to oatmeal, dairy-free milk, smoothies, pancakes, or silken tofu.

5 All-Natural Tips On How To Lighten Your Private Areas

Dark skin in intimate areas is a cause of concern for many people. Although it is common and generally not a cause for concern, rare cases point to a condition called Acanthosis Nigricans. This condition causes dark, velvety skin and needs medical attention. It is recommended that one rule out the possibility of Acanthosis Nigricans before trying home remedies for skin lightening. Natural sources like aloe-vera, papaya, mulberry extract, citrus fruit, licorice root, soy milk and baking soda help lighten pigmentation. It is important to patch-test any remedy before trying it out.

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