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I am a food coach, helping people optimize their health and lose weight to live fully and vibrantly. I specialize in helping people detox, identify gut problems, quiet inflammation, minimize toxicity, improve sleep quality and manage stress. I also have a free program to help people make simple positive health changes called The 7-day body & soul transformation.

Gluten-Free Diets: Fact Vs Fiction

Does gluten-free diet benefit one-and-all? What are some of the myths about gluten? Who needs to go gluten-free and when? Find answers to these questions.

Stop Your Feelings From Feeding Your Waistline

Feeling low and sad can be vicious circle as it causes hormonal imbalance the ripple effect of which is weight gain. Read on to know how you can out of it.

30 Ways To Relax Your Mind And Nourish Your Soul

Practice meditation; focus on your feelings, identify the negative ones, and let them go. Play with the pets, go for a walk, and observe nature to clear your mind. Do some gratitude list making and be thankful for what all you have. Take a bubble bath, paint nails or if you are agitated, shadow box. Retire to a quiet nook to knit, listen to calming music, or solve a crossword.

5 Tips To Balance Your Insulin Levels To Check Fat Storage

Perpetually high insulin levels prevent your brain from recognizing insulin in circulation. This stimulates insulin production and unnecessary storage of fat. Excess sugar also triggers fat storage. Substitute high-glycemic carbs (bread, pasta) with healthy fats (e.g. butter). Avoid artificial sweeteners that the brain mistakes for sugar. Stabilize blood sugar levels by consuming spices.

7 Steps To Ease Inflammation For Long-Term Weight Loss

Stress, veg oils with high omega-6 fatty acid content (canola oil), toxins, artificial sweeteners cause inflammation. Do yoga. Cook in olive or coconut oil; use whole-leaf stevia as sweetener. Leave shoes outside to keep toxins away. Use homemade and non-toxic makeup. Cook on lower heat; charred meat forms carcinogens (HCA, PAH). Eat probiotics to rectify imbalance of gut bacteria, which causes inflammation.

5 Things To Do To Take Charge Of Your Life

Subtle attitude changes can help you take control of your life. Change your wish to a vision, and make it happen. Quit cribbing, and take responsibility for your actions. Put health first, and take good care of yourself. Embrace your biggest fears. Follow your heart and don't ignore the voice within. These changes will take time, effort and perseverance but will change the course of your life dramatically.

3 Natural Personal Care Products You Can Make At Home

Natural face cleanser: Get glowing skin by mixing 1/2 cup each of honey and pure aloe gel. Add 2 tsp jojoba oil if you have an oily skin. DIY mouthwash: For fresh-smelling breath add 6 drops peppermint oil and 2 tsp baking soda to 2 cups of water. Nourishing eye cream: Incorporate 2 drops rosehip oil and 1/2 tsp vit E oil in 1/2 cup melted coconut oil. Store in glass or BPA-free plastic jars.

Want To Lose Weight? Add Fiber To Your Diet

Steam your veggies so their nutrients are retained and ensure they do not lose their crispness. Besides fruits and vegetables, lentils, beans, and barley are good sources of fiber. Supplement with a good probiotic to relieve any discomfort caused by a sudden increase in fiber intake. The fiber in fruits prevents fat storage and weight gain. Eat 14 gm of fiber for every 1000 calories.

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