Erica Mesirov

I am a food coach, helping people optimize their health and lose weight to live fully and vibrantly. I specialize in helping people detox, identify gut problems, quiet inflammation, minimize toxicity, improve sleep quality and manage stress. I also have a free program to help people make simple positive health changes called The 7-day body & soul transformation.

More Than Calories: A Diet Built Around You!

Just reducing the calorie intake does not help regulate your weight gain/loss. Each individual can have multiple factors affecting his or her weight. This can be different for every person. Focus on your body and know the specific factors that can be affecting your weight and formulate a diet based on that.

5 Ways Journal Writing Keeps You Skinny, Sexy, Stress-Free!

Trying to drop those last 10 (or more) pounds? Or Feeling emotionally stuck? Here's how journal writing can help the body let go physically and emotionally.

6 Amazing Reasons To Eat Garlic Daily

Want to live a long vibrant life? Then eating foods like garlic is a good place to start! Here is why you should add garlic to your everyday diet.

Hiking: The Adventure Begins Here!

The benefits of hiking go far beyond the good vistas and are rewarding too! Here is a beginner's guide to the art of hiking.

Your Gut Is Where Your Health Transformation Begins!

Your gut is where your health starts and your healing begins! So, it is time to become friends with your digestion and keep a track of the gut imbalances.

Restful Sleep In Just 10 Minutes!

This 10-minute bedtime practice will help your mind and body prepare for a restful and a truly regenerative sleep.

Essential Oils: Say Goodbye To Those Last Stubborn Pounds!

Want to get rid of those last stubborn pounds, but coming up short? Consider the following 5 essential oils as part of your health regimen.

Make Your Dieting Brain Happy Again

Diet is not a one size fits all. How to fool your brain and body that you are eating healthy while also giving into a bit of indulgence? Let's find out.

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