Erica Mesirov

I am a food coach, helping people optimize their health and lose weight to live fully and vibrantly. I specialize in helping people detox, identify gut problems, quiet inflammation, minimize toxicity, improve sleep quality and manage stress. I also have a free program to help people make simple positive health changes called The 7-day body & soul transformation.

10 Healthy Sounding Foods That Have More Sugar Than A Candy Bar

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6 Vegetables And 6 Fruits To Avoid For Weight Loss

There's nothing better than eating fruits and vegetables for weight loss right? I mean, those foods are practically free! Slow down there. Because this isn't...

A Short Routine to End Nighttime Snacking

Eating well during the day is easy. Doing the same at night is hard! Those hours between dinner and sleep time rev up cravings. And...

10 Unexpected Signs You Need A Detox

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7 Reasons For Overeating That Have Nothing To Do With Willpower

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Restful Sleep Challenge: 7 Nights To Blissful Slumber

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3 Fab Ways To Keep Holiday Binge At Bay

Looking for a way to avoid bingeing during the holidays? These 3 simple tips will keep your cravings at bay and help you fully enjoy your holidays!

The Power Of A Healthy Cleanse

Stress-induced toxicity is growing due to our lifestyle and food habits. Healthy cleanses come as the savior. While the effect of short-term cleanses last for few days, the long-term cleanses act at the cellular level and ensure thorough detoxification. By giving attention to where your body needs the most, they also aid in weight loss.

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